About Me

I grew up in a very arty family, in a small village in Rutland, and spent most of my childhood either covered in paint, glue or mud. Growing up in the countryside is where I developed my love of nature which features heavily in my artwork today.

On art foundation course at Demonfort University, Leicester is where I first discovered printmaking. But deciding to go off in a slightly different direction, I went to study film at the International Film School of Wales. After completing my degree I moved to London to work in the film industry, in post production. Between my shifts I took up lino printing, starting with some holly print Christmas wrapping paper.

I now get most of the ideas for my prints from the walks in the parks and woods around London with my dog, Sprout, and creating them in my small spare room studio in Alexandra Palace. 


Over the past few years I have illustrated two books, The Little Book of Building Fires by Sally Coulthard and Stuck (In Time) by Dave Johnson.